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This below given example contain paragraph tag and header tag
  1. Paragraph – <div>
  2. Headers – <h1> to <h6>

  3. This below given example also contain CSS example. How to color the text, how to set the margin, set different fonts etc..
    View it on JSFIDDLE
    In the next post I will list all the BLOCK elements and INLINE elements

Below given list are the BLOCK elements

BLOCK Elements – Which take up a block of area on HTML, forcing next element to come on next line

  1. Paragraph - <p>
  2. A definition term in a definition list. - <dt>
  3. The definition of a term, in a definition list. - <dd>
  4. An ordered (enumerated) list. - <ol>
  5. An unordered (bulleted) list. - <ul>
  6. A list item in ordered (ol) or unordered (ul) lists - <li>
  7. Address - <address>
  8. Blockquote - <blockquote>
  9. center - < center>
  10. del Marks a deleted section of content. This element can also be used as inline. - <del>
  11. div A block-level logical division. - < div>
  12. ins Marks a section of inserted content. This element can also be used as inline. - <ins>
  13. noscript Replacement content for scripts. Unlike script this can only be used as a block-level element. - < hr>
  14. pre Pre-formatted text. - <pre>
  15. script Places a script in the document. Also usable in the head and in inline contexts. Note: SCRIPT is not itself either a block or inline element; by itself it should not display at all, but it can contain instructions to dynamically generate either both block or inline content. - <script>

Please check the below given example on jsfiddle

View it on JSFIDDLE

Example of INLINE Element

View it on JSFIDDLE

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