Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Prepare your self for..

1. Explain Boot Process
2. Explain OSI Model
3. Explain working of DNS and DHCP
4. In DNS , what is
i ) Recursive and Iterative Query
ii ) Kind of Records in DNS

iii ) Root hints

iv ) nslookup

5. How to promote and demote a server (Ans . dcpromo )

6. A client machine does not have internet connection. How will you troubleshoot ?

7. Define

i ) Encryption

ii ) PKI

iii ) Certificate

iv ) Firewall

8. What is Group Policy( GP ) . In what sequence does it apply ( Ans . Local , Sites , Domain then OU ). What GP takes precedence “Allow” or “Deny “ ( Ans . Deny )

9. Group Policy is not applying on a client machine. How will you troubleshoot? What tools will you use to detect what GPs are getting applied on the client machine [Ans. Gpresults and Resultant set of Policies ( Rsop ) ]

Ans . Check for Event ID 1030 and 1058 on the client machine. The policy which is not getting applied on the client machine will be mentioned in the Events( 1030/1058) . Try to ping that policy from the client machine. Check whether that Policy is present on the server under C:\Windows\Sysvol\sysvol\domain.local\Policies folder. If present check whether we are able to access that policies folder from the client machine \\Server name\sysvol . Check whether sysvol is shared on the server ( start -> cmd -> net share )

10. Difference between Domain and Workgroup.

11. What are the Kinds of Deployment services. Difference between .msi and .exe file .

12. Difference Between Fat and NTFS

13. What is nbtstat , Mac Address , APIPA , Netmon(Network Monitor tool). What are the IP classes .

14. Explain FSMO roles

15. What are the Security Differences between Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 server.

16. What is the Database filename for Active Directory and where is it stored ?

( Ans. C:\Windows\NTDS\ntds.dit )

17. What does System state consist ?

18. How will you Create a user on the server (Administrative tools à AD users and Computers .. right click Create a new user)

How will you create a local user on a client machine ( Ans . Right Click My Computer à Manage .. Create a New user )

19. What is Tombstone and Journal Wrap in AD ?

20.DORA process

21.iterative and recursive dns query

22.forward and reverse DNS look up zones 

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