Friday, June 8, 2012

Free ISO Image File Reader for windows

If for some reason you needed to read an ISO image file in your hard disk instead of your CD drive, Microsoft has a free tool that allows you to create a virtual CD drive using your hard disk You can find the program HERE When you run this program it will create 3l files: vcdcontroltool.exe, vcdrom.sys, and readme.txt 1. You need to put vcdrom.sys in your C:\windows\system32\ 2. Run vcdcontroltool.exe 3. Click the install driver button and choose c:\windows\system32\vcdrom.sys 4. Then click the Start button and then the OK button 5. Click Add Drive button 6. Then click Mount button and choose the ISO image file in your hard disk After these steps you should be able to read the ISO image file as if it was a CD drive in your computer. Thanks by Vicky j :)

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